Order of the Kraken

Order of the Kraken

The world as had been known ceases to exist.

All land has been reclaimed by the oceans and what remains of civilisation is contained in floating man-made islands dotted across the endless water.

Who is behind the Order

A fledgling team of two brothers, Pirate Kings with a vision.


Order of the Kraken

At its most basic, OTK is an end of the world, futuristic pirate themed NFT collection on the Cardano blockchain with much more lofty ambitions. The secrets to allow you to take your place in the Order and the future utility of the project as a whole, are all tightly locked away for now. Loose lips sink ships so all will be revealed in the fullness of time to those deemed worthy of a place in the Order.

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Searching for glory and riches?

Who controls the gold, makes the rules.

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