Our new mint date is set for 12 April, 20:00 UTC whitelist and 14 April, 20:00 UTC public.

Pirates minted during this period and, retained until the snapshot the following week, will be eligible for the 13th family free claim / airdrop process.

About the OTK

The Order of the Kraken is an end of the world, futuristic pirate themed NFT collection on the Cardano blockchain and is a project with lofty ambitions.

The secrets to allow you to take your place in the Order and the future utility of the project as a whole, are all tightly locked away for now.

"Loose lips sink ships" as they say, so all will be revealed in the fullness of time to those deemed worthy of a place in the Order.


The NFTs for OTK will take a number of different forms and will be released as the project progresses.

In terms of our first drop, it will be the Kraken Talisman for our early supporters and OG members of the Order.

Our main drop will be the core identity of the project and the eventual characters of the OTK.

Each having a unique design generated from a set of traits with some attributes being more rare than others, but every Space Pirate has its own sense of style and purpose.

Only a small percentage of our unique attributes have been revealed, so stay tuned to this website, or Discord, or Twitter for sneak peaks.


Ranks and Class

Our main NFT collection will be assigned classes which will carry certain benefits and will be allocated skills and attributes.

  • Resilience
  • Fortune
  • Navigation

There is more to be revealed about class, skill and rank and how each of these are combined to be successful in the Order of the Kraken.


Anchorage & Berth

Each anchorage has a berth which are customisable rooms with functionality.

The project envisages that as part of its roadmap there will be the ability to acquire anchorage for their Ships.

Added utility and aesthetic designs will allow members of the OTK to display decorative items, rare ancient treasures from the old world, tables, chairs, cosmic views, maps, relics, and much more!


OTK Token

$EIGHT (as in pieces of eight) is a utility token that is the core of the project and those who controls the gold make the rules!!

Voyages of discovery and adventure await and those who are successful will be rewarded with infamy and fortune and those who are not, will face a fate worse than that of Davy Jones!

Whoever has the gold, makes the rules!


Who is behind the OTK

A visionary set of brothers with lofty ambitions for their project on Cardano

Order of the Kraken, Edward Teach
Order of the Kraken, John Rackham