The Lore

The world as had been known ceases to exist.

All land has been reclaimed by the oceans and what remains of civilisation is contained in floating man-made islands dotted across the endless water.

Just before the near total collapse, technology had advanced to the point where space exploration was possible, but it was not in time to prevent or escape the inevitable.

The exploration of the heavens being in touching grasp imbued those who survived with an ember of hope provided they are able to salvage the remnants of this technology from the depths of Davy Jones’s Locker.

Ships would come rule the new world of sea and sky.

The Pirate way of life having all but been eradicated, is about to be restored and even celebrated, a new battle for universal dominance has begun!

Those below the waves have other ideas…

Most of the world’s history had been lost when the waters finally claimed the earth but through the perseverance of those who remained, a more complete picture of the unfolding of events was painstakingly pieced together from fragments of this lost history.

The end was gradual at first, climate change, freak weather storms, rising tides and then quicker until news reports of global flooding became commonplace.

Then came the tsunamis, great walls of water stemming from the outer reaches of the oceans, crashing into coastal cities in a wash of blue and white, destroying and drowning everything in their path. The ocean was relentless and soon the world was no more.

A few who knew the ways of the oceans had prepared from the first signs and had managed to escape the onslaught above the waters.

Others, who had been the privileged had locked themselves away in airtight bunkers specifically designed using their old world privilege one last time by trusting their technology advancements to hold back the darwinistic events.

When the storms finally subsided and the earth was once again a single body of water, life had to be started anew, above and below the waves.

Decades passed, and then centuries and life started to return above the waves for some and in the dark ocean depths for others.  Those above the waves forming communities on man made islands dotted across the endless seas and those below in the dark quietness of the depths of Davy Jones’s locker.

The Archives

OTK Archives

Storytelling had always been a part of the old ways for ocean fairing folk.

Many a late night had been spent with the elders recounting the stories they had heard which had been embellished and changed over the years from fact into distant memory and final into myth.

And then the rumours began first about sightings of land for the first time in hundreds of years above the oceans and then about expeditions to find the land.   These were all dismissed out of hand and those who talked about it were openly ridiculed.

Then more of these accounts started to surface amongst the different communities which had been formed. Part of the myth and legend which had been passed down was that the elders of the old world had, in anticipation of their demise, left places of learning with the history and knowledge from the old world, to one day be rediscovered.

Once the truths were sifted from the fancy, slowly but steadily the communities ventured out to seek out the answers.

It was upon one of these expeditions that a young Captain of a ship discovered what became known as the Archive.  A capsule of history embedded in the rock face upon the top of what was a mountain but now just an island of green among the blue.

Here among the fragments of the old world, he discovered the tenants of the Order of the Kraken and the truth about those below the waves.

As part of the tenants of the Order of the Kraken, the now long forgotten family histories were discovered. Those families for which the oceans have always been home and the descendants of those families who now called the oceans home.

OTK Legendary Ships

Legendary Ships

Order of the Kraken, Map

The OTK Crest

Order of the Kraken

The Kraken