The Kraken

What is The Kraken and does it even exist?

This question has led to many a night of heated debate in the Tavern and at least the loss of an eye as one of the recent “debates” broke down into open out brawl.

The rumour of treasure and the Order of the Kraken recruiting, seems to have brought in would-be sailors and adventures from far and wide…some even with tales of survivors who with their rum soaked tongues have sworn on the lives of their unborn children, for whatever that is worth, to have seen The Kraken.

Order of the Kraken

Some say octopus, some say squid, others say dragon!

We have gleaned from the countless recounting of these stories, combined with the fragments of some of the recovered texts in the Archive, that the Kraken was an octopus-like sea dwelling creature of enormous size which had a reputation for pulling down ships and devouring all who sailed upon them and, at the very least, plagued the dreams of all who sailed the oceans.

It also seems that those, who are the descendants of the first members of the Order of the Kraken, and who once bore the Talisman of the ancient order, are also among those who have encountered The Kraken and lived to tell about it.

While this may all be the myth and the source of gossip in the Tavern at Port Royal, the OTK depictions of The Kraken in the Archives were that of a creature with a skull like head, tentacles of an octopus and indeed the body of a dragon!